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Here at Wild-Alaskan, we’re pawsitively fanatical about offering the highest quality salmon products for your dog or cat’s optimum health! Our salmon oil and treats are unique—they’re derived only from native, wild Alaskan salmon, using sustainable fishing practices and gentle extraction methods.

Because wild salmon have spent their entire lives foraging on a natural,

hormone-free, antibiotic-free diet (the way nature intended), they deliver

the most effective balance of long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids—

including 100% accessible EPA and DHA that is readily metabolized

by dogs and cats—with a rich, natural flavor pets love.

  1. Ultimate Omega-3 supplement

  2. 100% accessible EPA & DHA

  3. Helps maintain healthy skin and a lustrous coat

  4. Encourages a better appetite in senior pets

  5. Supports the immune system

  6. Provides natural antioxidants

  7. Rich natural flavor dogs and cats love


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